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Weed slayer litigation

False Advertising


We are representing all consumers that purchased Weed Slayer as well as a sub-class of commercial growers who suffered harm to their sales or reputation because they can no longer sell their affected crops as organic.

Class Action Lawsuit

The Arns Law Firm has filed a federal class action lawsuit in the Northern District of California on behalf of consumers who purchased the popular herbicide Weed Slayer, alleging that its manufacturer, Agro Research International, falsely represented that the herbicide was organic and contained only natural ingredients. The lawsuit contends that, in reality, Weed Slayer contains synthetic chemicals—glyphosate and diquat—that are prohibited by federal law for use in organic farming. 

The case is Jesus Romero and Ken Bernards v. Agro Research International LLC, No. 3:21-cv-00518, Northern District of California


We are currently investigating claims related to this action. If you have purchased or used Weed Slayer on your crops and you want more information, feel free to call 415-495-7800 or email Shounak Dharap at

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