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Sexual Abuse


We are representing several former student-athletes at San Jose State University (“SJSU”), alleging that they were the victims of sexual abuse, harassment, and discrimination by employees of California State University (“CSU”), including former SJSU athletic trainer Scott Shaw.

Sexual Abuse Claims

The claims allege that the CSU knew of a pattern of repeated sexual abuse by Shaw but was “deliberately indifferent to a substantial risk of sexual abuse to its students.” Instead of taking action against Shaw following an internal investigation in 2009-2010, the CSU promoted him to lead the department, during which time the claims allege his sexually abusive conduct continued unabated for over a decade despite repeated attempts by students and SJSU staff to call attention to his behavior. 


The Arns Law Firm and Fiore Achermann have filed government tort claims that precede the filing of a lawsuit. The CSU will have 45 days to accept, deny, or avoid responding to the claims. If the claims are denied or ignored, the claimants will proceed in court


Ongoing Investigation

We are continuing to investigate matters of sexual abuse San Jose State University. If you have any information, feel free to call 415-495-7800 or Shounak S. Dharap at

Department of Justice Findings


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