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Instacart Litigation

Employee Misclassification

We are representing Instacart delivery workers across the country in pursuing class action lawsuits for misclassification as independent contractors.

Class Action Lawsuits

The workers represented by The Arns Law Firm claim they are entitled to be reimbursed for expenses, such as fuel, parking fees, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle-related insurance. Additionally, they contend that Instacart has refused to pay their wages, overtime wages, income tax contributions, and certain benefits required by state and federal law. They also contend that Instacart unlawfully used customer tips to pay workers’ wages.

The following lawsuits are currently pending:


  • California: Jordan v. Maplebear, Inc., dba Instacart, No. CGC-19-579780, San Francisco County Superior Court


  • Illinois: O’Shea v. Maplebear, Inc. dba Instacart, No. 1:19-cv-06994, Northern District of Illinois


We are currently investigating claims in every state. If you have ever worked for Instacart and you want more information, feel free to call 415-495-7800 or contact the attorneys involved.

Opting-Out of Arbitration

The Instacart Terms of Service you signed may have contained an arbitration agreement waiving your right to bring a case in court. If you would like to retain your right to pursue a case in court, it is important to opt-out of the arbitration clause. You can learn more about opting out of arbitration clauses here, or you can contact the attorneys involved.

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