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Consumer Protection

Victims of the fires that devastated parts of Northern California in October are filing lawsuits against PG&E. Those affected may be entitled to reimbursement for their losses, such as homes, cars, livestock, or even wage loss or medical bills.

If you have been affected by the fires or know someone who has and you want more information, feel free to call 415-495-7800.

PG&E's Responsibility

The scale and scope of damage from the wildfires in Northern California is among some of the worst in state history. At the peak of the wildfires, there were 21 major fires in California that resulted in over 245,000 acres damaged, 8,900 structures burned, 185 people were injured, and 44 dead.


The investigation exploring what caused this tragedy is still ongoing, but information that has already been uncovered indicates that the initial sparks may have come from PG&E’s 70,000 square-miles of service area, including electrical wires, poles, and equipment in the area.


This raises serious questions about PG&E’s design, engineering, construction, use, operation, inspection, repair, and maintenance of electrical lines, infrastructure, equipment, and vegetation in order to assure safety under all the local conditions when the wildfires struck.

Local Commitment to the Investigation

The Arns Law Firm represents victims in case against the security company that allowed a shooter to pass metal detectors and guards before opening fire in a UPS distribution center in San Franciso in June 2017.​ While we approach every case with diligence and vigor, it is especially true under these circumstances. Bob Arns, firm founder, witnesses the fires firsthand from his residence and winery in Napa. He said that,


[“I am determined to find out what happened and hold responsible parties accountable. I understand what fire victims are going through—because I’m going through it myself—and that provides extra motivation to obtain full compensation for my fellow Northern Californians.”]


Bob will review the insurance policies of those who suffered losses in this tragedy free of charge, as well as provide counsel on the best next steps to take. He is also offering free consultations to discuss affected individuals’ potential legal remedies.


Email him at or call 415-495-7800.

Reputation of Trust

The Arns Law Firm, based in San Francisco, has earned a reputation for aggressively prosecuting complex class action, personal injury, products liability, and medical malpractice cases, among others. We are dedicated to achieving the highest possible judgment or settlement in the shortest period of time while handling each client's case with compassion and integrity. We understand the devastation and overwhelment from losing everything and having to push forward. We are here to support you because you deserve the chance to fight for the legal outcome that benefits you.

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