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The Arns Law Firm is looking into cases where power press machinery is used on job sites in a hazardous condition. If you have information about power press equipment that is being misusedcontact us.

Workplace Machinery Failure

Victims of the 2017 Northern California Fires are filing lawsuits against PG&E. Those affected may be entitled to reimbursement for their losses, such as homes, cars, livestock, or even wage loss or medical bills.​ Contact us.

Northern California Fires

The Arns Law Firm is gathering information regarding loaders, excavators, and backhoes used on construction sites with backup alarms that fail when the machine is moving in reverse. If you have information that can help, contact us.

Backup Alarm Failure

We are investigating skilled nursing and assisted living facilities that fail to provide minimum levels of care to residents and mistreat their employees. Contact us if you are aware of abuse in this industry.

Senior Living Facility Abuse

The Arns Law Firm is investigating the accusations of misclassifying managers and employees and denying them overtime pay. We encourage those who worked as fast food restaurant managers to contact us.

Fast Food Franchise Misclassification 

Delivery workers using the Amazon Flex app have filed a case against the online retail giant for an independent contractor misclassification. The workers claim unreimbursed expenses, unpaid wages, and other violations of California law. Contact us.

Amazon Employee Misclassification  

Employers in the flooring installation industry often pay installers a "piece rate" for their work. Many employers fail to comply with the law for piece rate pay, resulting in pay violations an unreimbursed expenses. Retailer stores, such as Home Depot, have been found liable for these violations as "joint employers" of the installers. Contact us.

Flooring Installation Litigation
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