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Who We Are

The Arns Law Firm, based in San Francisco, aggressively prosecutes construction injury, complex class action, and workers' compensation cases, among others. 

The Arns Law Firm is proud to represent members of the building and trade unions. We limit our practice to prosecuting civil cases on behalf of workers and their families, which means we never defend insurance companies, banks, or other business interests. We limit ourselves to this specialty because it enables us to avoid conflicts of interest and to be totally geared toward representing the injured or wronged person.

Attorney Referrals

The Arns Law Firm pays referral fees to attorneys according to the Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of California. Fee amounts will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Following our initial investigation of the facts and consultation with experts, you will be informed of the potential for a third-party case. This information can be provided to your client as an assurance that you have left no stone unturned in protecting your client's interest.

The Arns Law Firm will provide a close working relationship with your office, coordinating the workers' compensation case with the third-party case for maximum value to the client. If you are an attorney with a potential third-party case, contact our office to see how we can work with you.

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